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Stepping Back

For the greater part of a decade I have maintained this blog, and out of the greater part of four thousand posts, I have taken down no more than half a dozen which caused upset or offence.  I try to be responsible but I don't always get it right, and in recent weeks have managed to get it wrong, at least for some readers, on at least two occasions, which feels like two too many.

This is not me taking a huff and stomping off with my ball; this is me recognising that I need to step back and think afresh whether this is the appropriate platform for the things I write about.  It's not about who is 'right' or who is 'wrong', it's about me trying to take seriously my responsibilities.

So, sincere apologies to anyone who I have hurt, upset or offended in recent times.

And apologies to anyone who is disappointed at my decision.

For the next little while, at least, I will not be blogging, if only to give me time to reflect carefully on what is or is not suitable for public consumption.



  • ou will be missed. I hope you are able to come back soon. I value your wisdom, your vulnerability, your creativity and your capacity to make me giggle and think at the same time! Blessings

  • I too am sad and will miss your blog each day. You have made me smile, cry and reflect. Hope you feel it's right for you to return soon.

  • Over 10 years ago we were at Luther King House together Catriona and over the years since I have enjoyed your Blog enormously. I have also been inspired by your personal story. I am amazed that anybody could take exception by anything you have said. Your gentleness and
    sincerity have shone through to me. I will keep checking and very much hope to meet again soon! Take care and many thanks. Liz x

  • Another vote of thanks from me. I've always valued the sensitivity and gentleness of your writing and your wisdom. Hope to see you back in due course.

  • No you should not stop blogging. .I enjoy reading your blog It often shows the joys, sorrows ups and downs of being a Baptist pastor. I cant say that I always agree with you, you make me think
    about some issues again (that is good for me) Anyway how can anyone be offended by a person who adopted two cats! Thank you keep up the good work

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