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Reviewing the Situation

This is a post drafted and redrafted over an extended period of time.  It has been stored waiting for the day when I felt ready to resume regular posting.  So, some thoughts...

Firstly, a big thank you to those who have commented whether on the post I deleted, on my 'holding statement', or who have contacted me directly.

To 'Anon' I can only repeat my apology that what I said, or how I said it, caused you such offence, but thank you for commenting and for making me stop and think.

To those who have offered words of support and encouragement, I am grateful and heartened that, overall, this blog is still worthwhile. 

Some who know me in life have emailed me and those messages have been really privileged.  I am genuinely touched that people would share their own stories with me.


I don't expect my readers to agree with everything, even anything, I say, and I don't mind people expressing their disagreement.

I am keenly aware that written communication is not always ideal, that sometimes tone of voice comes over other than is intended.  What I say may be heard in ways I did not intend; what others comment likewise

This blog platform does not allow true anonymised commenting, but it is feasible to appear as such by chosing the name 'anon' or by adopting a pseudonym, and I recognise that sometimes, for some people, that is helpful.


I try to be responsible and careful in what I say and how I say it; sometimes I have got that wrong, and sometimes I will still get it wrong.  And maybe that is OK.


The period of self-imposed silence has been interesting and challenging - several times I have thought "ooh, that would be good to share" and held back because the thinking space is needed.  Any decision has consequences, and this is one such... The need to reflect means that some good news stories haven't been told, which seems a shame, but cannot now be undone.

So, I will be returning to blogland, chastened for sure, and I will still share stuff from my everyday life where I feel it is worth sharing for one reason or another.  And when I get it wrong, all I ask is that you remember that I, too, am human.


  • Welcome back.

  • Glad to see you back!

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