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Don't say the 'Q' word...

It's my own silly fault - last week I made the mistake of noting that this week was quiet, a largely empty diary and time to fit in some tasks that need a bit more time to do them justice.

Bad move... the evil dwarves (or whatever they are) that lurk in the recesses of reality heard my use of the Q-word and 'bam' I've just spent I don't know how much time - certainly the equivalent of a full working day - sorting out my new email account which wasn't working due to assorted glitches, some mine, some theirs.

So, now it is close to lunchtime on Thursday and the first draft of the sermon is only half written.  The one good thing, I guess, is that when I was searching for images for my PowerPoint early this morning, I found one that had a bit of a 'hmm' factor about it... so at least that's been mulling away in the background.

Maybe it's time for an early lunch break and then some serious sermonising!  Oh, and don't say the 'Q' word!

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