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Thinking about Remembrance

This morning I've been starting to get my head into gear to plan our Remembrance Sunday service.  This will be about the fifteenth successive year that I've conducted this service - well, at least the twelfth anyway.  It's an important service to get "right", whatever that means, and I suspect I made a rod for my own back eons ago when I tried to find new and interesting 'angles' each year.

From 'just war' to pacifism, from poetry to symbols, with themes of sacrifice and focus on the sayings from the cross, we have explored all sorts of ideas and avenues, remembered and reflected. 

Perhaps then, it's not such a surprise that this year I sat down with a sense of dread to begin to plan.  It's a lot easier now, with easy internet searches, to find ideas and play with possibilities.  So, after half a morning watching video clips and reading British Legion, Poppy Scotland and Peace Pledge Union websites, I think I have the bones of something that will hopefully do whatever it is needed to do.

Part of the planning has involved ordering poppy seeds - red and white - so I just hope the suppliers are trustworthy and not selling me something dodgy!!

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