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  • Broth as Community Building/Strengthening

    Once I've posted this, my next task is to start work on a big pot of vegetable broth for this evening.

    I am excited to be hosting a first, experimental, "pot luck" meal within the context of which we will " break bread" (share Communion) in a very low key way.  The hope is that conversation will flow, relationships be forged and strengthened, and that these first few participants will feel encouraged to have a go at hosting themselves.

    If all goes well, I will be inviting these folk to undertake to host a similar small gathering with the next couple of months (so that would mean five homes in the next 'cycle') with a view to cascading this to include everyone who would like to come along and/or host over time.

    In these early days, it's important NOT to keep inviting the same folk but instead to make a concious decision to invite people we maybe know less well, or who know each other less well, to help make a stronger 'web' or 'network' of relationshsips. We may need to co-ordinate a bit to ensure we can include everyone in a  timely fashion.

    Next time, I hope to be able to include at least one family with young children in those in my home, so that this can be truly inter-generational.

    I'm excited - I hope other people will be to.

  • Nature Photos Challenge - Day 2

    Passion Flowers in Edinburgh in 2012!

    I decided to stick with my "AD holidays" theme for these photos, and of itself it is enjoyable to look through them again, recalling places and people.

    This was a Staycation based at home here in Glasgow, and shared with my bestest walking buddy.

    The flowers were photographed in Edinburgh ona day when we enjoyed the Princes Street Gardens before the spectacle of the Tattoo in the Castle.

    Any photos of times we've shared have a degree of poignancy, since each of us has faced some huge and painful challenges over the years.  The passion flowers, with their interpretted symbolism of the crucifixion are at once beautiful and poignant in their own right.

    Hope you enjoy the photo.

  • Think - Pray - Vote

    The Joint Public Issues Team (BUGB, Church of Scotland, Methodist Church and URC) along with the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office have just released this resource to help Christians think through the big issues and make up their mind how to vote in the upcoming EU referendum.  It aims to be objective and does not endorse either viewpoint.  It is a relatively bulky document, yet remains very accessible and worth reading.  As you can see, Sophie Cat is already getting to grips with it!!