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  • Sermon Prep

    This introduction to the book of Numbers from the NRSV pretty much sums up the core of what I'll be speaking about on Sunday.

    I'm glad to be back into routine, and hope that the ideas that have been perculating will coalesce into something that makes sense for the hearers.

    It's surprising what time out can do to confidence and self-belief/esteem that isn't entirely helpful... being back in harness is definitely a good thing for me.

    Low Sunday will hopefully not leave us feeling flat!

  • Surrexit

    Had some fun and games with computers and servers synching or communicating, so only just been able to access photos sent to me from church folk.

    Here's the cross, dressed in white and with oodles of daffodils expressing the joy of Easter Day.

    Better late than never. 

    Photo (c) Brian Muir.

  • Settling In...

    Returning to work after an extended break is always a bit odd - the sense of being completely out of touch that may or may not be totally justified, the need to catch up with correspondence, read minutes, check in with various folk and begin to do some actual work as well.

    Day 1 was productive, and tiring... so recognising the need to take it steady, not run before I can walk, and ease my way back in to the assorted stuff I do.

    Day 2 has already seen some service prep and admin and will move on shortly to assorted pastoral stuff and maybe some sermon drafting if time permits.

    It's good to be back in harness - I certainly thrive better with plenty to occupy me!