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On Friendship....

A poem/prayer/reflection thingy I will be sharing with my Deacons this evening...

I do not stand alone

But with others to support me

I will stand my ground.


I do not see the way

But with others to walk it with me

I can make a path.


I do not possess the truth

But with others to witness to what they know

I will be able to discern what is right.


I cannot master all skills

But with others who will lend their accomplishments

I can do enough.


I cannot carry every burden

But with others to share it

I may bear my own load.


I cannot meet all needs

But with others to nourish and replenish me

I will be able to give enough.


I do not have limitless free choice

But with others to consult

I will make my own choices gladly.


I will not always be consistent

But with others to laugh at me

I will regain my equanimity.


I am not invincible

But with others to reach out a hand

I may learn from my mistakes and start again.


I cannot be perfect

But with others to make up the shortfall of my imperfections

I can be content to be good enough.


Nicola Slee, Doing December Differently, Wildgoose Publications, 2006, p 169

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