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An Advent Calendar of Sorts - 20th December

A somewhat self-indulgent photo choice for today.. gifts and cards from yesterday (before the postie arrived, so a few more cards came later!)

I loved every card and every gift, carefully chosen and lovingly sent.  I loved that the senders clearly know me well, and I love the humour expressed.

Yesterday evening we had a Deacons' meeting, begining with a shared meal, including birthday cake, and I have to admit that, by the end of it, we were all rather giggly: must have been all the sugar in the icing because we were strictly TT!  We got a lot of work done, some of it very important and serious, some of it urgent, some of it long term.  And all of it with some good humour and unexpected laughter, which is a great gift.

Advent and Christmas seems to have some humour, at least if we are in the right frame of mind to see it.  Whether it is elderly people becoming parents, shepherds abandoning their sheep, astronomers/astrologers following a star... it's all a bit ridiculous really, and, if you eat enough pink butter icing, you too might end up giggling helplessly at it all.

Laughter is a gift - remember the story of Abraham and Sarah whose son Isaac was named for laughter... sometimes God meets us in the most ridiculous ways, in belly laughs, uncontrollable giggles or, if it's a Sunday, polite titters ;-)

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