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Half a lifetime ago...

18th April 1990 was the Wednesday after Easter.  I'd just got back to my desk after my lunch break when the phone rang... the news was simply that, after a long illness, my Dad had died.

27 years ago today, when I was 27 years old.  Half a lifetime.

Because of their age difference, my Mum was then not quite 54... whereas I am now 54.

The photo above was taken in May 1963, and is, I think, the oldest surviving one of me with my Dad.


In a few minutes, I will be heading off to conduct a burial of ashes for someone else's mother, who had lived to the remarkable age of 102.

Half a lifetime ago, I'd never have imagined the path my life would take.

Half a lifetime ago, the woman whose service I'm about to take was already an old lady!

Half a lifetime ago...


I'm not sure quite what this post is meant to say, but 18th April 1990 was nice and sunny in Knutsford, and in 2017 and it's equally bright in Glasgow.  Some things change, others stay the same.

Rest peacefully, PBJG.  Rest peacefully GLW.  Each held forever in the embrace of God's love.

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