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3 x 8 = 4 x 6 - A Hymn in it's Original Form!!

One of the hymns we used this morning, in its orginal form, has three eight-line verses.  By the wonder of modern technology, it managed to morph itself into four six-line verses.  The tune selected fitted the mood perfectly, but slightly altered the sense of the hymn.  Whilst I quite liked the carry over from verse to verse, the original is easier to follow...


Such enchantment, sudden strangeness,

Power and love, by God, distilled;

Then they recognise his presence,

By his words their fears are stilled.

'Peace be with you', Simon Peter,

John, you need not be afraid;

'Peace be with you', doubting Thomas,

Don't be anxious or dismayed.


In the garden he saw Mary,

Talked with her, unrecognised;

Naming her drew back the curtain,

Opened tear-stained, blinded eyes.

Others walking to Emmaus

Talked, depressed, their sadness showed,

Till at last, their journey ended,

Broken bread their Lord disclosed.


Fishing, from a boat, some saw him,

They had trawled, had felt forlorn;

Recognition added savour

To their breakfast at the dawn.

As we go about our business

Bring enchantment to our lives;

Open eyes that we might know the

Love from which our peace derives.


Andrew E Pratt (born 1948) © 2000 Stainer & Bell Ltd


  • Now I wish I'd known that hymn - I would have used it a couple of weeks ago! Too late now.

    Andrew's hymns are often good, and I find them less "wordy and worthy" than some of John Bell's ... but that's purely a personal reflection, of course!

    (What tune did you use? "Nettleton" would go well).

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