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Being and Doing... a Reflection of Sorts

Yesterday we used some DIY jigsaws as a visual expression of our prayers - symbolising interconnectedness.

After I'd re-jigged the pieces to make two 'more complete' jigsaws rather than four fairly sparse ones (not that that mattered, it's just my collating nature!) I had a spare unused one, and decided to use it as a sort of reflection on where the series had taken me, and to some degree, maybe us.

I added the names of the eight 'heroes' as it was their stories that had allowed me to make connections to my own, and our own, story.  Then I added some of the many congregations, organisations and charities that, directly or indirectly, now or in the past, we have connections with.

Lastly I added four phrases that I think summed up the message - of encouragement and challenge - that emerged from the series.  A mix of being and doing, phrases that can be paired in different ways or taken on their own...

  • Trying to follow Jesus (doing) surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (being)
  • Trying to follow Jesus (doing) attempting great things for God (doing)
  • Trying to follow Jesus (doing) being something beautiful for God (being)
  • Being something beautiful for God (being) surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (bring)
  • Being something beautiful for God (being) attempting great things for God (doing)
  • Attempting great things for God (doing) surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses (being)

Of course, each of these six pairs can be reversed, the emphasis changes, the meaning is subtly altered and new insights may be discovered/discerned.

For me, at least, there is plenty to continue to ponder as I consider how to 'be and do' what this series has inspired within me.



  • Love your creativity. Practical question..where did you get the blank jigsaw from?

  • Thank you, Julie. A shop called 'Flying Tiger', Danish chain.

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