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Animal, Vegetable & Mineral - Theistic Evolution and other stories!

It's nearly midday on Thursday, and not one word written for Sunday's sermon.  Well, that's note quite true, I have lots of notes and a couple of workable ideas, but I still have a decent chunk of this book unread (and probably now won't get it read at this point in time).

This book is not a quick read, and I did get a bit bogged down in the biology stuff near the beginning (probably because it was detailed and I was wanting more overview on that part) but it repays careful reading.  Like all theological/spiritual works it's imperfect and, here and there, gaps or elisions in the author's argument are evident.

At around £11 it's a relatively inexpensive purchase (I got my copy free from BMS many years ago now - should have read it back then after all) and a useful addition to the library of anyone who has a reasonable grasp of science.  If you never did science at school, I suspect it's pretty incomprehensible in places.

PS The titular question is (obviously) rhetorical

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