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  • Famous or Infamous... Children of Internationally known Preachers

    This article by the nephew of American prosperity gospel and healing ministry advocate Benny Hinn is well worth reading - because he explains how he grew up and grew out of what he had been taught.  As I read it, I was reminded of the young women who left Westboro Baptist Church (here).  These stories are courageous, important and powerful, and serve as a valuable lesson to anyone entrusted with ministry.

    By contrast, sometimes the sons/daughters of respected and famous preachers are themselves the cause of concern, as is the case here.

    Preachers kids, like Mish Kids, have a challenging life, and charismatic parents/relatives can have influence beyond what they might realise. I guess these three examples illustrate just how that can work out - for good and for ill.


  • Glamorous Assistant...

    Both of the cats like me working at some, and Sasha especially loves getting to grips with all the technology.  Today she decided to carry out QA on an ink cartridge change, ensuring I'd put in the correct one, and then watched closely to make sure I had a complete print run with no accidental omissions, skewiff prints or duplicates.

    Suffice to say, she's now looking at the screen proof reading this post!! 

  • Worth reading...

    Lots of my minister friends have been sharing this article on social media, and it's well worth a read.

    In case anyone wonders, I am very settled where I am, love my church precisely because it is messy and imperfect and doing its best and sometimes getting it wrong.

    By pure chance, on my own social media page, a 'memory' popped up from three years ago that said this:

    "I love my church - unity in diversity, growing in grace, messing up sometimes, getting it right sometimes, sticking together whatever happens, and trying to be kind to one another (R, we took note of your sermon five years ago!)"

    It took me a while to recall why I wrote that post - and when I did remember it felt the more precious because it related to the days following the referrendum on Scottish Independence, which I found incredibly painful and difficult to negotiate, knowing that whatever the outcome, half of my congregation would be happy/relieved and half disappointed/devastated.  The scars are well healed now, and woven into who I am, and how I seek to serve this congregation.  I am excited at the 'new things' that are springing up thanks to God's Spirit.

    The nearest Sunday to our eighth 'birthday' will coincide with a 'special church meeting' which has a sense of 'rightness' about it, as we discern together God's next steps for us all.