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  • Baptism Classes

    I'm not sure it's 'done' to admit that I never took Baptism classes myself (I'd done URC membership classes eons before), and have never until now offered them to others - one candidate at a time, all people I knew quite well, been around for ages, a couple of conversations felt about right. But there you go, that's how it is.

    Today amidst coughs, sneezes, and other lurgy symptoms, I started work on a material for some Baptism classes I'm about to lead over the next four weeks.  The first one is just about there (just as well, since I deliver it on Saturday) and I have titles for the others...

    Week 1 – Why be Baptised? What does Baptism symbolise?

    Week 2 – Why be a Baptist? What is the Declaration of Principle and how does it work?

    Week 3 – Why be part of Gathering Place? Our values, worship & witness

    Week 4 – Practical considerations and planning the service.

    Looking forward to some great conversations with this small group.

  • Cometh the lurgy...

    A few days back, I was reflecting on how fortunate I had been not to succumb to any of the assorted lurgies that have been doing the rounds.  I reflected too soon, it seems, as it has now set upon me with a vengeance!

    I think it's just a heavy cold, nothing more, but it's pretty rubbish, and I am working my way through oodles of tissues, hot squash with honey, and the occasional Beechams, as well as coughing, sneezing, etc.

    It never ceases to amaze me that something as trivial as a cold has the power to make me feel unwell, when serious conditions and diseases are largely devoid of such symptoms.

    A quiet day in prospect, writing sermon and Bible study materials I think... so long as I stop coughing for long enough!!  Certainly can't be visiting anyone until I'm sure the infection is gone away.