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Chapel... Cat... Conversation... (Concentration...?)

This morning began with my turn for chapel prayers at the University down the road, and for once I landed an 'OK' story - Jacob wrestling with God at Peniel.  My thoughts seemed well received, and, unsually, there were nine people in the chapel (more typically it'll be about three plus me!).

Then I went to give breakfast to a cat whose humans are currently away.  I was honoured with snuggles and purrs during the half hour I spent with her.

After that, it was off to the Ministers' Meeting that I coordinate.  Unusually, there were only four of us, yet the conversations we shared were, in my view, the best - as in deepest, most open, most authentic/genuine - that have taken place to date.  Two main topics struck me, both related to preaching.

The first, from a relatively inexperienced minister, was about the process of preparing a sermon and how long it takes.  I think the sharing of experiences was encouraging in normalising their experience, and the challenges that arise trying to fit everything in.  The second was someone who rarely preaches successive weeks, who is about to lead a short series, and was curious to discover how others might go about it.  Again, normalising and sharing - important elements of support and encouragement.

And now I have my own sermons to write!  Not quite sure what's been happening recently, but this is the third successive week where it's Thursday afternoon and not a word written - though lots of mulling has been going on.  Two very different services to work on, plus the second Baptism class, so I'd better get concentrating!

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