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Snow Day (Or Not!)

Today has been a bit of an odd one - not a 'snow day' in the sense of a 'day off' due to the weather, but a day in which the impact of snow on others has affected my day.

This morning I had to take Sasha to the vet for more tests - the roads were abnormally quiet as it seemed that, by and large, Glasgow was closed. The vet was open, and insisted I had a cup of tea and a warm before venturing back in to the snow!

Once I got home, I reckoned it was probably my turn to clear the snow from the front and back steps and paths... which I actually quite enjoyed doing. At the time of typing, four hours later, you could be forgiven for thinking I hadn't done it as new snow has fallen.

In the last hour or so, snow has managed to adhere to all the windows, acting as a sort of net curtain.  The photo is of a 'sun catcher' cross that is taped to my office window with snow behind it.

I have some ideas noted down for my sermon, but as yet they haven't coalesced into sentences... hopefully they will tomorrow.

One way and another, it hasn't been a very productive day, but I am sitting in the warm counting my blessings.

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