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Maundy Thursday... Table for Thirteen

This evening, by fluke or divine inspiration or something, I have a dozen guests joining me for a 'Supper in the Shadows'.

It's a sort of blend of a Passvoer Seder with a Tenebrae Service.

I like that there will be thirteen of us - and of course a place for Elijah, if he shows up.

I like that there will be adults and children.

I like that there are people for whom this is not totally new, and others for whom it is absolutely new.

I like that I get to exercise hospitality, cook new recipes, cheat and buy ready made things I only need to heat, and share with others on this night of nights.

I am humbled that around my table will be people who have experienced the reality of clandestine meetings and the real fear of betrayal or arrest for their disicpleship of Christ.

I am humbled that around my table will be people from different walks of life, different nationalities, different political opinions and so on.

I am humbled that, in some measure, God will touch each and every one of us, whether through a word, a song, a symbol, or a spoonful of stawberries and cream!

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