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One Extreme...

This month I am attending two conferences for Baptist ministers, which could not be more different if they tried!

Today I am heading of to St Andrew's, in Fife, for the Scottish Baptist Ministers' Conference which will be very male and very white.  In a fortnight I will be heading to IMC, Birmingham for a gathering of women Baptist ministers to make the centenary of ordination being possibl;e (at least in England and Wales) which will include several minority ethnic women, though the main speakers are all white.

Each will be very different from the other, and each will bring its own joys and challenges.  In one context I am still a pioneer, an anomaly, a curiosity; in the other I am just one among many, though recognised as one of the 'history book' names (which I still find incredibly wierd! If only they knew... imposter syndrome)

I look forward to catching up with friends in each venue, and to meeting new people.

May each be a time of encouragement and growth.

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