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Summer Series 2018 - Questions to Ponder - Week 1 - The Body of Christ

I also offered a second set of options for pondering about the church as 'the Body of Christ', again , feel free to use or ignore, as seems best to you! (Blogspirit uses a slightly odd numbering system!)

One Team - The Body of Christ


Questions to Ponder Privately or to Discuss


There is no correct order, nor any expectation about how many, if any, questions are explored.  Simply see if there is something that prompts thought or discussion and off you go!


  1. You are the Body the Christ –
    1. What does the Body of Christ look like?
    2. What gifts and skills are needed?
    3. What gifts and skills are lacking or need to be developed?
    4. How do we identify potential and encourage learning/development?


  1. You are equally important
    1. We talk about the ‘Priesthood of All Believers’ and that everyone is of equal worth, but is that how it feels?
    2. How do I value myself, and is this judgement accurate?
    3. How do I value others, and how accurate is that judgement?
    4. How do we learn to value each other equally whilst recognising and affirming difference?
    5. How do we value each other enough to ‘call out’ what is unhelpful or demeaning?


  1. What’s the point?
    1. Why does the church exist?!
    2. What does it mean to ‘build one another up for the common good’?
    3. If we agree that we are the Body of Christ, that everyone is equally valued and that our ethos is of inclusion and flourishing, what does that look like in real life?


  1. What one encouragement is there
    1. For me, about my own intrinsic worth and unique gifting?
    2. That I should speak aloud to someone else in our church?
    3. That, together, we are moving in the ‘right’ direction if this is what we seek to do and to be?

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