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Episcopal? Liturgical?

I realised recently that the last time I bought any 'vicar shirts' was a decade (or maybe a little more) ago, when I got the pale blue that I quite often wear for weddings.  I decided it was high time I bought a couple of new ones, not least as I do more frequently end up wearing them these days.

The company I used to buy from has long since ceased trading, so it was entertaining researching just what's out there - ranging from clergy dresses I could never imagine wearing, via long and short sleeve blouses in all sorts of colours and fabrics, to bib stocks (things that look like a clerical shirt under a jacket or jumper but are actually bibs with (in my view complex) strings to hold them in place).

These two arrived today - long sleeved because that's substantially cheaper then short sleeved (they take a long sleeved one and charge you to cut off and hem the sleeves) - and in colours chosen just because they are bright and fun.

Cerise (it's NOT pink unlike the one I already own which is Barbie pink) which looks almost episcopal, and teal, which I chose purely and simply because it's one of the colours I love, and is almost liturgical (not quite green but not a million miles away).

They won't get that many outings, but whether they'll do me for another decade is yet to be seen!  I probably need to think about getting a new black one as mine is starting to fade - but then it is quite elderly as such attire goes!

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