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Theory and Reality

Saw this on social media and decided to steal it. 

I think that the official diagram has value in identifying facets of grief that may 9or may not) be experienced.  I think the alternative diagram is more what it actually feels like.

Last night, I realised that my EHIC had expired and I am due to fly to Europe in Monday.  I frantically ordered a new one, but it cannot reach me i time, as it takes 10 days.  Thankfully there are guidelines on what to do in this eventuality, and I'm not intending to get hurt or sick anyway.  I was quite furious with myself for being so disorganised, ordinarily I would have been well and trully on top of all of this.  So it was reasuring to see 'disorganisation' as one of the characteristics of grief.

I'm not entirely sure I find the U-shape helpful, with its suggestion that there is a pit into which one descends before climbing up to a new normal.  Still, a least it's given me permission to be a bit scatterbrained!!

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