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A Celtic Advent - Day 16

Today we move into what the book terms Christ's Second Coming - though so far, just one day in, this has nothing to do with apocryphal stuff.  We'll see how it unfolds.

Today's reading focusses on the idea that the Kingdom of God is within us, using a passage from Luke 17 to prompt thought.

As so often with these reflections it's the almost throw away phrases that catch my attention - today it is the term "warrior peacemaker" which feels like something of an oxymoron to me.  The idea of Christ's followers as soldiers, as an army of some sort, engaged in a battle or war of some sort is well established.  It is an image/metaphor that many, myself included, find troubling.  Certainly, I have yet to resolve adequately in my own mind how the Prince of Peace leads a Mighty Army.

There are hymns and songs that speak of 'weapons' of truth, love, courage, and the battle/war as against 'evil'. It is quite hard (for me at least) to come up with a more helpful image. Maybe something medical, with evil as a disease/dis-ease to be treated or cured. Maybe other readers have a better idea?

Then again, maybe the oxymoron concept in itself is helpful... the 'warrior peacemaker' or the 'servant King', or even the "God man" (dual nature of Christ).  Perhaps these create a tension in our thinking and understanding that draws us deeper in to awe and wonder?


Today's prayer from the book:

Christ the King, I simply say: your kingdom come within me; your will be done within me. Amen.

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