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Forty Days of Photos - Day 16

I oculd have used a stock photo yesterday, but I waited until the delivery a 8 a.m. of my shiny new steam cleaning thing. Well, that's my excuse ofr being late.... again!

What has this to do with Advent?

Traditionally it's a fasting season, a season of spirutal, if not literal deep cleaning.  And my shiny new "early birthday-and-Christmas-combined gift to self" seesm to connect with that.  A new 'year', a 'fresh' or 'clean' start - at least once I've managed to decipher the instructions for the various settings that need to be adjusted before I begin using it.

And maybe Advent's a bit like that too - hard to decipher, hard to make snese of, but, once we've finally got into it, worth while.

Liturgical Advent starts tomorrow, and advent calendar Advent starts today.  Each of these, another opportunity for a new start, a fresh beginning.

I must be getting very middle aged to delight in a steam cleaner as a 'gift' - but it is very shiny and bright!

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