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Joint Service - a (new) tradition?

Well, we've done it twice (or is it three times?) now, so I guess it probably is a tradition - a joint service with one of our local C of S churches for the last Sunday of the year.

It is a 'Good Thing'. On a Sunday when some folk are (still) away, and ministers either taking the day off or running on empty, what is needed isn't an erudite sermon but some simple, pastoral reflections.  What is needed is some good singing, and some thoughtful praying.  What is needed is to say, 'what unites is is so much more than what distinguishes us from one another.'

I had a Good Time.  I got to sing in a joint choir.  I was privileged to lead prayers. I was able to receive as well as to give. I knew myself loved, welcomed and valued.

I love being just 'us' and doing what we do the way we do it.  I also love being the bigger joint 'Us' on high days and holidays.

A grand end to another year of Sundays - thank you to our C of S friends, it was just lovely.

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