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At Home in Lent - Day 16

We remain in the bathroom today (and the next couple of days). Today it's the shower which is our focus, and the idea of ritualised daily ablutions.  The social history bit is again fascinating - showers not really catching on until the 1960s and then the daily shower starting to replace the weekly bath.

A parallel is made with prayer... Sunday worship as the 'immersion in a bath' (very Baptist!) and private prayer as the daily shower.  Perhaps key to this is that showers are generally quite quick, and at the start or end of the day.  The idea that private prayer doesn't need to be protracted or elaborate is important.

I'd also want to say that, just as sometimes we take more than one shower, and sometimes we may not take any, so it is with private prayer... legalism isn't what this is about, helpful routines is.

God whose Spirit may come as rushing, clear water, to cleanse and refresh us, help us to enjoy routines of prayer and reflection that are helpful and healthy for us. Amen.

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