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At Home in Lent - Day 17

After the shower, the bath... and some interesting social history and a complete omission of Jewish hygiene rituals that involved bathing/immerision (hence why synagogues often have 'baptisteries').

Bathing as 'me time,' as pampering as well as cleansing... actually I think that's quite a good focus!

I'm not good at leisurely bathing... once in a blue moon I'll fill the tub with scented bubbles, maybe light a few candles... and after five minutes, ten at most, I've had enough!  But it doesn't stop me liking the idea.

So perhaps the thing for me to ponder is what serves in a similar way for me?  Pampering for me is absolutely not about hair or makeup, massage or mindfulness. I'd much rather curl up with a book, listen to music or cuddle the kitties.  Perhaps the challenge is to make the time for these, then.

God of rest and relaxation, show me what sabbath looks like for me... dare I ask you to pamper me with your shalom-giving rest?  Perhaps I dare!  Amen.

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