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The Enneagram Revisited

When we were at vicar school, we did quite a lot of stuff looking at personality types and their possible value/significance.  I have been revisiting the enneagram ahead of a service I'm due to take in a couple of week's time.  I am enjoying the reading, and decided it was time to do a 'proper' enneagram test to see if what I'd understood myself to be in yesteryear was still the case.

So, I used my 'free time' at the Ministers' Conference to do a paid for Enneagram test here.  And, guess what, after all these years I still come out equally a 'Loyal' (6) and 'Reformer' (1), with 'Achiever' (3) only just behind.  The blurb says that 6s and 1s can be mis-typed as each other, so maybe it's not so odd to be equal on the two.

The book I'm reading 'The Sacred Enneagram' by Christopher L Heuretz is fascinating, complex, readable and I think quite helpful. How I'm going to distill any of it into 20 minutes is another matter altogether!!

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