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A Grand Day Off!

I remembered that I had a M&S gift token I was given for Christmas and thought I really ought to get organised and spend it!  But first, I thought, brunch!

The photo is of my eggs on toast at the MacKintosh tea room on Sauchiehall Street - a treat to myself, and very tasty it was too.

Then it was off to M&S where the voucher was put towards a new dress *with pockets*!  Nowadays I by almost all my clothes in charity shops (it's greener, cheaper and helps good causes) so it was quite a treat to buy something actually new.  Just hoping we get some suitable weather to wear it now!!

Next, it was time for more mundane matters - the ironing.  Which prompted me to tidy out my chest of drawers.  Which revealed that I have sufficient pairs of black tights to survive a Brexit Apocalyse and then some, as well as enough socks for a small sock shop.  This phase ended with a trip to the charity shop with assorted bits of costume jewellery and bric-a-brack that had been hiding in my drawers for eons.

I am rather too pleased with the now tidy drawers - they weren't horrendous before, just had way too much stuff and a bit disorganised - and I am discovering just how it is the case that the more stuff I clear out the happier I am.

It feels like a day off well used, a nice blend of fun stuff and necessary stuff.

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