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Finger Labyrinth

A Finger labyrinth for lockdown life, shared with me and others, by a minister friend.
Some of us enjoy walking prayer labyrinths, others may have beautiful carved wooden 'finger labyrinths' to use at home, and still others may never have heard of them.
This picture is one that you can print out and use, if it's helpful, either with the guides provided or simply for your own prayer.
How does it work? Simply 'enter' the labyrinth at the top, and trace the path with your finger, perhpas notcing how you get closer to, and then further away from, the centre before finally reaching it. Then either take the quick route out, or simply retrace the route back again. Take you time, perhaps pause at each numbered 'blob' for a moment of prayer such as...
'Into your hands I commend my spirit'
'Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy'
'Jesus son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner'
You can't do this 'wrong', so just have a play - and a pray - and see if it's helpful for you.

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