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I took this photo at around 7 p.m. yesterday.  The Clyde looking absolutely idyllic with near perfect reflections of the surrounding buildings.  What a beautiful city.

Ever since lockdown, I have made a point, whenever I go for my 'permitted exercise', of snapping some photos.  Last night, on the eve of the first significant easing of lockdown in Scotland, 'reflections' seemed like a good theme for my photos, and I was fortunate to get some really lovely ones.

Reflection can also mean 'thinking over', and as I walked, I pondered the changes that have slowly unfolded since March, when the UK-wide lockdown roughly coincided with the spring solstice.  Back then, it was dark when we got up, and when we went to bed, now the days stretch out with, mostly, clear blue skies.  The daffodils were in bloom when I began snapping, and now there are roses.  So often, as we near summer, the leaves on the trees are already looking grubby and tired, but this year they are fresh and green (though the prolonged dry spell is having an impact).

For me, the most significant reflection has been on the choices I have made of what to comment on, and not, what to share, and what conversations to tune out of.  Had I faced 180 degrees in the opposite direction from the photo above, the record would have been very different - people who cannot count to eight, let alone two; people who seemingly don't know that Friday comes after Thursday, people who think 20cm is the same as 2m.  I could have chosen to get annoyed or angry, or I could do as I did - as I do - and concentrate on the things that are lovely, truth-bearing, upbeat, encouraging, energising.

As lockdown eases, across the entire UK, it is possible because most people, everywhere, did as they were asked, at least most of the time. I  would rather choose to focus on that positive than the (totally legitimate and necessary) anger at high profle individuals who perceive themselves as beyond the law.

This is a beautiful city, on a beautiful island, on a beautiful planet... this is, for me, for now, enough.


  • Recently I caught myself on thought that I like lockdown. Fresh air without irritating crowds is what I haven't feel for a long time.

  • very good

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