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Tempus Fugit...

This week it is eleven years since I arrived in Glasgow.  The weather then was absoltuely glorious, and there followed a truly beautiful October.  Today it is dreich - grey, damp and cold, yet it is still beautiful in its way.

By dint of various quirks, that also means it is 32 years (eek!) since I moved to Warrington, where I also lived for eleven years, and 21 since my house there finally sold, after I moved to Manchester.

So, I have now reached the stage where Glasgow is the place-name I have lived longest, but The Gathering Place not yet the place I have worked/served longest, that has a few months to go.

Roughly, then, I have spent 20% of my life in Northamptonshire (two dsitinct places, totalling about 12 years), 20% in Warrington, 20% in Glasgow and 40% scattered between London, Buckinghamshire, Derby, Manchester and Leicestershire.

Time certainly flies by.  Today I am very grateful to be where I am, and to be doing what I am doing.

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