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Wonder, Love and Praise

Yesterday was a very long day, and a very good one.

I was up at 04:30 to ensure that I was 'dressed and in my right mind' to begin the first full day of an online course, notionally running in Australia, at 06:00.  It was a good day, an introduction to training as a Pastoral Supervisor, which involved meeting people from across the UK and Australia, and playfully engaging with a model based on three statements...

  • I notice
  • I wonder
  • I realise

There is quite a strong emphasis on creativity as well, or instead of, words, and recognition that some people think more effectively if they are doing or moving or hearing.  It was good fun, and I felt that I kept up well enough (which had been one of my big concerns).

Then at 14:00 I Zoomed into Manchester to pick up my new role as chair of the interview panel for my old Alma Mater.  It was a gentle introduction with no difficult or unpleasant decisions to me made.  Indeed, it was light, happy and entirely positive.  

In the evening I wrote my assignment for the course (the deadline is Good Friday and next week is strangely quite full already!), which is what the photo above shows - the invitation was to express creatively or in words (max 500) a response to the first day of the course.  Mine was a bit of both... having been schooled in the 'if you use images or poems you have to provide a commentary' school of creative expression, I added around 400 words to sit alongside (not interpret) my photo.

Today I woke at silly o'clock to a lovely email from one of the participants in Australia, which was really encouraging and kind.

So, although I am physcially tired, and a bit 'jet lagged', I think that 'I notice, I wonder, I realise' leads me to 'wonder, love and praise'! 

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