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Expanding Horizons?

Sophie has discovered that there is a big wide world beyond the back door... her own choice, she followed me outside and proceeded to explore the garden.  I stayed close by to ensure that she didn't decide to go over a fence or under the hedge, but so far she has been content to roll on the grass and on the path... hopefully not picking up any bitey creatures along the way. (Note to self - get some front line ordered ASAP).  I brought her back inside after just a few minutes... enough excitement for one day!



I offered Sasha a tour of the garden - but it didn't go well... she objected to being picked up, squirmed out of my arms and cornered herself between a wall, a tall gate and a high fence before I managed to get behind her, at which point she fled for indoors and safety!  She is now very happily lying onthe floor of my office as I type this blog post.


Just like humans... some are naturally curious and eager to explore (and maybe need to be reigned in) whilst others are cautious or fearful.  It doesn't matter if Sasha never goes out, or if Sophie becomes a loved of the great outdoors (I suspect once she discovers how many other cats live around here, she may be less eager to out exploring, as she isn't remotely territorial) so long as they are happy and adequatelly safe.

I might now have to contemplate the purchase of a catio...

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