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That used to be my church...

Yesterday, I took a quick trip to Warrington (only 20 minutes on the train) to catch up with my Walking Buddy for the day, which was really lovely.  We had a wander around the town centre, beginning with this car park... which is here the church I was a member of used to stand.  The building and the church are no more - the latter outlasted the former by a year or so, but for various reasons it was agreed to close and disperse its folk, most of whom found 'homes' in other churches.

We tried to work out where the baptistry used to be, and reckon it was roughly level with the window in the centre section of the adjacent building... it was here I was baptised as a believer in 1997, and from here that I was 'sent' to train for ministry in 1999.  Quarter of a century later (eek!) so much has changed yet in it all God remains faithful and dependable.

I treasure memories of WBC, just as I treasure the memories of HBC1 (Dibley) and HBC2 (The Gathering Place), and give thanks for all that each has given me.

A verse from my baptismal hymn feels quite appropriate...

Lord of the years, in living power remake us

Self on the cross and Christ upon the throne

Past put behind us, for the future take us

Lord of the years, to live for Christ alone!

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