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RIP Jurgen Moltmann

It's a fairly small part of my book case, but it's a significant one - Jurgen Moltmann, whose death at the age of 98 is being reported on social media, was - is - a significant and thoughtful theologian.  I remember reading both 'The Crucified God' and 'The Church in the Power of the Spirit' for undergrad essays.  I can't recall what either book said or what I wrote, but I do know that it mattered and made a difference to my thinking/understanding/theologising.

Moltmann's words will long outlast him, as they continue to challenge, inspire and educate new generations of theologians and ministers.   


  • Two anecdotes:
    1. 20-year old Christian Union member studying French/ German arrives at Tübingen University in the wake of the Hans Küng controversy. Having never heard of Jürgen Moltmann, he turns up at the university protestant church where and old bloke is preaching in very impenetrable - and dull - German. He never goes back to the church and only years later realised that he had heard JM preaching.
    2. The Broad Alliance of Radical Baptists (BARB) invited JM to be the speaker at their conference at Regent's Park. I had been deeply influenced by his theology - but had become increasingly critical of his casual use of 'reality.' His theology seemed based more in the classroom than in the real-world struggles of the poor. I can't remember the content of his talks, but vividly remember coming to the conclusion that the Crucified God relies upon a literal understanding of the Resurrection. I confronted him on this - and after much prevaricating, he finally responded with a very long sentence, which amounted to 'yes.' My greatest theological moment!

  • Excellent!

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