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  • No need to buy a new hat...

    The long courtship path of Dibley and D+1 is complete.  D+1 have decided, overwhelmingly, that they do not see it as the right way forward to 'marry' (merge with) Dibley.  In one sense this is very sad, the future of either is more tentative apart than together.  In another sense it is a relief - at least both parties are able to move forward and think where God is leading them.  I hope that the two congregations will be able to remain friends and that on reflection will consider the journey has been worthwhile.

    Tonight we had our Home Mission visit and our two new visitors asked some good questions - I hope they found the answers they needed to make an appropriate recommendation.  It is always interesting to see how my folk behave when HMF come along - way more positive about finances than any other day of the year!  Still, I trust the insight of these visitors to work out the 'story behind the words.'

    Then the Church Meeting - only just quorate, which I had anticipated as it was a late start and lots of emotive building stuff to talk about: what next on planning, can we sell this or that from inside the building, what about the vandalism, etc etc.  The upshot is that we will get the stained glass boarded over to protect it, board up the bits that were broken into and leave it at that until we are clearer on the planning issues and legal position.

    I am now pretty drained phyiscally, emotionally and spritually and am glad I still had a residual 'glow' from last Sunday to carry me through what has been a very stressful and aggro filled week.  Finally a day off tomorrow...

  • Assembly Photos


    OK, so I stole this picture from Sean who, seemingly, has better skills than I do for nicking it from the Assembly website (either that or he took an identical photo!).  I am to the viewer's right of the guy in the white shirt (one Nick, colleague and classmate) and my good friends and colleagues Diane and Jill are further to the right in the same row.  Just behind me is Stephen, another classmate.  Alas Andy is right at the back - and if you are counting the other classmate is missing (no real surprise there!).

    I share Sean's views about the 'In Memoriam bit' - each year there are more names I know, although at least this year no classmates.  It is strange to imagine that one day my name will be up there - all struggles and successes gone, the sermons, prayers, visits, disagreements, and so on over.   It is a great privilege to be part of so much dedication and commitment to the service of the Gospel and to God's crazy commitment to entrust it people like me.

    Oh, and for the record, whooping is not unseemly, so long as you are in PRISM at the time!!

  • Preaching in Response to Elections...

    I feel I need to preach a response to our local election results.  I can't find any resources to help though.  I wondered about using Romans 13:1 - 8 as a way to raise the question, given our current situation - what is assumed about the authority we obey?  One of my deacons, in response to me asking if they thought this was a topic I should address, said yes, and alluded to what happened in Nazi Germany.  I guess the stories of slavery and apartheid are not a million miles removed.  Anyone got any ideas please?

    Remember - all it needs for evil to triumph is for decent people to do nothing.

  • In distinquished company?

    At Baptist Assembly we were told about a new partnership with 'A Rocha' (a Christian environmental organisation) and of a guest speaker for next year, Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, who holds a PhD in nuclear engineering.  Whilst history dictates that I must pray for the soul of anyone who studied at Imperial College, London, I discover he has the same first degree as I do, albeit completed some 20 years earlier.  Intriguing to imagine someone this great sitting in the QMC Nuclear Engineering building in Bancroft Rd listening to Prof Leslie enthuse about neutron dynamics!

    Whatever his take is on nuclear issues, and whether you or I or anyone else agrees, at least he knows what he is talking about.  Wonder if he still has a copy of Lamarsh sitting on his bookshelf too...?!

  • Is that so...?

    This is what I heard said on Sunday evening (i.e. it is a recollection, an interpretation, not a quotation): 'if you are in the place God wants you, you will be happy.'

    What do you think?!