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  • The Bahamas Top


    DSC03459.JPGThanks to A & S who sent me this by post.

    The wonders of photo twirling meant I didn't have to do handstands... which is just as well as even if I could, I'm not allowed to!

    Two down, one to go!

  • Bread for Tomorrow


    Clever people who read Greek know that the words translated as 'daily bread' in the Lord' Prayer can equally well be translated as 'for tomorrow' or even as 'sufficient.'  When I found that out, some years back, it gave me a new insight to the LP - all we ask for is enough to get through the next day, enough and no more.

    Luke and Matthew, the two gosels which contain this prayer offer variants.  If I have remembered correctly, Matthew has 'give us today...' whereas Luke has 'give us every day' - the difference is quite striking, and I wonder if Luke's variant reflects his interest in 'the poor' for whom such a prayer would be more real than for us wealthy folk in the west today.

    Anyway, yesterday I made bread for tomorrow (i.e. today) which is simple, unglazed mini-rolls, to be warmed up at church for sharing at the appropriate point.  One of the ways I understand the role of church is as anticipating the eschaton, or as Brian Wren puts it 'live tomorrow's life today' i.e. living the life of the Kingdom as best we can.  If that's so, then 'bread for tomorrow' takes on a theological significance as anticipating the eternal banquet... 

  • MPhil

    Woo hoo... a letter arrived this morning to say that, subject to minor corrections, I have passed my MPhil.

    A slightly frantic couple of weeks to get them done (the deadline is when I'm on holiday) but in the meantime.


    BA BSc(Eng) MPhil CEng MIMechE MNucI.... that looks suitably posy don't you think?!

  • Checking In...

    ...for the benefit of the lovely people who are kind enough to check up, and will wonder why I haven't posted today.

    A bitty but busy day, and some hospital visiting to be done this afternoon, so not a lot to say.

    Have a good weekend whatever you're up to and I'll be back to my usual levels of waffle before you know it.

    Happy Friday everyone! ;-)

  • The Kindness of Strangers

    What has been my biggest blessing the last year or so?  I think it is how kind people are, and within that, especially the kindness of strangers.  Maybe you get what you give, maybe it all evens out in the end, but I feel I have received so many blessings from people I've never met in the 'real world' and so many 'fellow travellers' I've met on the way.  Some I know only pseudonymously (my big word for the week), some I met fleetingly in real life, some are now 'pen friends' of the email variety.  Some are even kind enough to read this stuff.

    You will know if you are one of them... angels in disguise every one of you... Thank You!