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  • Teaching and Learning - WWJD?

    This coming Sunday we will be focussing on the start of Mark 6, the bit where Jesus sends out the disicples two by two.  I don't want to give away my ideas just yet, but they will be sprung from some pondering on the approach Jesus seems to have taken with his followers - part active teaching and part experiential learning.  I am pleased to be led this way (thank you Roots for stirring my imagination) because it gives me permission to reflect on just what we think we are about on a Sunday when we gather.  Worship, for sure, but also some sort of teaching and learning.  How does that work out?  What approaches are helpful or hinderful and why?

    Probably need to go and remind myself of some of the oodles of learning theories out there, along with the one I synthesised myself way back when I was theological student.

    Kind of exciting.

  • Urban Spirituality

    So, on Friday I was in London (those cupcakes travelled a VERY long way) and on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I snapped photos that I thought *might* speak something into this theme... mixing work with leisure as ever!

    Anyhow, here is a photo from Friday afternoon.  At one level it is a failure - the shutter closed just to late and I missed the straight down the street shot I'd been after (I was on a Duck at the time!).  At another it is fantastic - it has lots of people as well as lots of buildings and flags.  If you look at it, what do you notice?  Where may God be found?



    To whom is the girl on the left speaking on the phone?  About what?

    What is the man in the apron doing?  Why is he there?

    What is in the folder being carried by the business man walking towards the left?  Where is he going?

    And the person with the umbrella - where is he/she headed?

    What other people, places and situations are expressed?


    God of the city, hear their prayers and let their cries come to you.

  • Three Thousand Comments!

    Well, yesterday the comment count on this blog reached 3000, so time for a present giveaway to the commenter.

    Pam (who commented on urban spirituality) please let me know via commenting if an Amazon voucher is OK as your reward, as you don't seem to have a wish list.

    Many, many thanks to all commenters (who brave the dreadful unpredictability of this platform) and lurkers for your support, encouragement and interest for what is now heading towards seven years!

  • Pointless

    One of the tea time television quizzes 'de jour' is Pointless.  I have to admit I quite like this (and twice would have one the jackpot had I made it that far, once on long distance footpaths in the UK and the other on Scottish universities) and if I'm home will happily sit and watch it.

    So, this morning part of our service will be 'Pointless' as I give people one hundred seconds tyo write down as many _____ __ _____ in the Bible as they can.  Ah but that'd be telling, some read this before coming to church and would have time to swat up first.

    Think good categories for Pointless at some poiont to have would be ...

    Books of the Bible

    Parables told by Jesus

    Plagues of the Exodus


    Oh, and of course variants on the one I'm using, which will produce loads and loads of 'pointless' answers for sure!!

  • More Baking!

    Tomorrow I am travelling south to meet some friends for a very quick catchup and promised them some cupcakes:


    The question is, will they survive being carried on and off three trains in the process?

    Sometimes I think I make some rather ridiculous promises!