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  • The Joy of NED!

    Routine breast clinic check-up this morning... I cannot explain how much I appreciate the team I have at Glasgow Western Infirmary they are just the absolute best.

    Anyway, the fantabulous news is that I am still NED and that my surgeon feels confident to let me go a whole year before seeing me again.

    Both he and my BCN stressed that they are always at the end of the phone (and they are) should I have any concerns... that there are no stupid questions, just questions.

    As I said to my BCN, it's hard to believe that two and half years I was a terrified, quivering wreck and now I am dleighted to be told to go away for a whole year!

    Mr Chris Wilson and Sr Diane McLeod you are simply the best.  Thank you.

    If I could turn cartwheels, I would... As I can't, I ate a maple pecan danish instead, I'm sure it's just as healthy!

  • Quiz Night!

    So tonight is our monthly social event at church - a fun quiz with an Easter theme.  Prize for the winning team is large chocolate hare; with mini bunnies for runners up, and a vegan Easter egg on standby in case of need...  Should be some pancakes courtesy of one of our people, and lots of laughter.


    Here's a question or two that didn't make the cut:

    • What's the difference between the ecclesial solstice and the astronomical solstice?
    • Roughly when was the rubric for determining the date of Easter agreed?
    • How do you explain, in words of one syllable, the relation of the dates on which Easter may be celebrated, to the dates on which Passover may be observed, bearing in mind the variants in both Judaism and Christianity?!

    Bet you're glad about that, huh? May post a PDF after the event, we'll see how it goes.

  • Fairtrade Fortnight - Mini Marchers

    Design you own 'mini marcher' and join the campagin here.  Look out for Catriona G... my mini me who is in the line somewhere!!

  • Count Your Blessings: Day 13


    Hunger is the world’s number one health risk.  Every year, it kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

    Give 50p for each meal and 20p for each snack you will eat today.

    That one seems pretty straightforward - breakfast, lunch, tea - £1.50; I rarely have snacks, but today we have our monthly social evening so will be snacking on pancakes (yum!) so 20p for that; total £1.70.  The sobering thought is that my daily cup of coffee costs more than that... a small skinny fairtrade latte from the shop opposite church is £2.15, which does rather give a different take on a pledge of £1.70.  So I will up my pledge to match the coffee cost at £2.15, which goes a small way towards the salving of conscience!


    My Pledge

    Today - £2.15

    Total - £14.25, three prayers and a little strop!

  • Second Sunday in Lent

    Another Sunday, and another choice from BPW's Lent and Passiontide section...

    This one takes me back to primary school days, rows of children standing in a hall, accompanied by a slightly out of tune piano, and not always having a clue what it all meant.  The haunting tune Heinlein remains a favourite, and I love this classic lenten hymn, even if the BPW version has lost some of the original poetry (I love the original line 'chilly dewdrops nightly shed' in verse 2):

    Forty days and forty nights

    You were fasting in the wild;

    Forty days and forty nights

    Tempted and yet undefiled.


    Burning heat throughout the day,

    Bitter cold when light had fled;

    Prowling beast around your head,

    Stones your pillow, earth you bed.


    Let us your endurance share

    And from earthly greed abstain,

    With you watching unto prayer

    With you strong to suffer pain.


    Then if evil on us press,

    Flesh or spirit to assail,

    Victor in the wilderness,

    Help us not to swerve of fail!

    G H Smyttan altd.