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  • Being Church...

    This morning a large group of us met together at church to sort and pack, clear and shift, declutter and dejunk as much stuff as we could.  Named by me as "Team Sparklers" in honour of Guy Fawkes Night, this team really shone as they worked tirelessly and cheerfully to completely clear several rooms, and make huge in-roads into others.

    After a good couple of hours hard work, we shared a lunch of chip-shop chips, steaming mugs of tea and assorted sweet treats.

    The air rang with laughter, memories were made and shared, treasures were uncovered, bizarre objects rehomed or recycled, oodles of items packed up to be passed to other churches, community groups and charities... and a good time was had by all.

    Our resident bard wrote us a poem - and the photo shows the majority of the Team enjoying hearing it read.

    I came home a tired and happy 'minister type person' feeling that we'd done really well.  Brother Lawrence (Practice of the Presence of God) spoke of the worship he offered in omelette making.  I think we offered worship in what we did, and glimpsed something of God in each other, and above all were church.

    I'd like to think that God enjoyed our endeavours - I certainly did!

  • All Souls Day

    Today is All Souls Day, on which some Christian traditions pause to call to mind "the faithful departed". Whatever our faith or none, there is something intrinsically good about pausing to remember, with gratitude, those we have loved and lost, to grieve where we need to grieve, and to discover new strength and new hope for our own continuing lives.

    A poemy/non-religious prayery/meditationy thingy by me...

    Take a moment
    Light a candle
    Plant a flower bulb
    Shed a tear
    Laugh out loud
    Rage against injustice
    Whatever you need to be or to do
    Only remember
    Put back together, if for a fleeting moment
    And then
    Honour those who have gone before
    By living
    By loving
    By laughing
    A little more intentionally
    And every day

  • Non-Religious Praying...

    Today in a social media group of which I am part, someone, who describes themself as non-religious, asked me if I could share a nice prayer for those who were struggling.

    My first thought was, wow, what a lovely thing to be asked.

    My second thought was, yikes, what a challenging thing to be asked.

    My third thoughts was, this is pure privilege, the kind of thing that minister type people dream of...

    So I wrote a 'non-religious' prayer, addressing God as 'Eternal Love' and recognising the circumstances in which group members find themselves. I hope it scratched where people were itching, and that it brings comfort and hope to those who need it.