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  • "Refresh" the Browser

    Self indulgent cat photo - though I think it illustrates that the kitties are relaxed and refreshing themselves in my newly completed office!

    Over the past few days my loyal laptop has begun to get slower and slower, and the internet browser I use has begun to hang (and sometimes crash) with increasing frequency.  In one of those supreme ironies, in order to find out how to fix the browser problems, I had to use its help facility which, you've guessed it, opened the browser.

    So, a good hour and a half this morning has been devoted to clearing out redundant software from my laptop, going through web bookmarks and deleting those I no longer use and, finally, doing the 'refresh' which opens up the browser without all the bells and whistles that have, deliberately or otherwsie added themselves over time.

    And now my laptop is a lot happier, it has to be said.

    Refreshing and clearing out clutter... that feels like a metaphor for my life at the moment!  Yesterday I threw out another two black sacks full of stuff that I had kept 'just I case I ever need it' and know that, between perosnal and church clutter there will be a fair few more in the days ahead.

    I am sure that I will never attain 'minimalism', nor would I want to, there are stories and memories embedded in so many of the things that surround me, and lots of things that undoubtedly will come in useful.  At the same time, it is surprsingly liberating to let go of that I haven't looked at in years.

    What has struck me, both with 'refreshing' the laptop and reordering my home (still a work in progress!) is that it demands concerted effort, determination and patience, along with accepting that it may get worse before it gets better...

    Learning to work from home again is quite challenging, especially as the kitties have to learn what 'work time' looks like (hence beds for them in the office!) but it is, or at least will be, quite refreshing.

    Next job will be the routine back up of all my key files from my laptop... and then from the church PC...


  • Unknotting

    One of the quirks of social media is that it periodically reminds me of things I posted in previous years.  This morning it showed me this photo that I had shared two years ago, following a service for the Week of Prayer for Christain Unity in which a relgious sister spoke about 'Our Lady of Knots'.  It resonated then and it resonated again now.  Here's the accompanying prayer:

    Dear God:
    Please untie the knots
    that are in my mind,
    my heart and my life.
    Remove the have nots,
    the can nots and the do nots
    that I have in my mind.

    Erase the will nots,
    may nots,
    might nots that may find
    a home in my heart.

    Release me from the could nots,
    would nots and
    should nots that obstruct my life.

    And most of all,
    Dear God,
    I ask that you remove from my mind,
    my heart and my life all of the 'am nots'
    that I have allowed to hold me back,
    especially the thought
    that I am not good enough.

    Author: Father Ronnie Knott of Rhodelia, Kentucky

  • Amused in someone's kitchen...

    This morning I am working in my kitchen, currently awaiting the arrival of the handyman from IKEA who will build and install the last of the furniture needed to transform my third bedroom in to a workable office.  Whilst a good size as a third bedroom, it's not big, and some skill and ingenuity is needed to get in everything that is necessary... Today one last bookcase and some storage for stationery, candles and general bits and bobs will complete the transformation into a lovely little office.  If nothing else, the kitties will be pleased when the furniture stops moving round and the floors are once again clear to walk on!

    Setting up to work on the kitchen table - with curious kitties who have now decided that I am working, which is boring, so they've gone off to play elsewhere - was quite fun, and I was amused to see them checking out my laptop, papers and (in Sophie's case) even my cup of tea.

    There is a verse in the hymn "Inspired by love and anger" that speaks of Jesus being 'amused in someone's kitchen' and I was reminded of it as I preparaed to being work this morning.  It also gave me some much-needed inspiration for the "minister's bit" of our church magazine!!  So, Jesus and I are equally amused in my kitchen this morning, it seems.

    PS you should probably know that I have three office chairs purchased at various times over the years, so Sophie, Sasha and I can have one each when we are in the office :-)