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  • Blessed in the giving

    Sophie cat is busy watching over the latest stack of packets waiting to be posted off to all corners of the UK!

    A couple are the remanants of my craft stuff, going to people who will use them in charitable endeavours, the rest are maps and guides from long distance walks I've done or places I've been.  Scattering this collection of maps, etc. between around a dozen folk feels surprisingly positive.  I have had pleasure from the walks and holidays, and somewhere, deep in my memory, they can all be relived.  Now other people can enjoy making thier own memories, leaving their footprints in the same places... and that feels quite a precious gift to offer.

    I'm not quite sure where the clear out will stop... there's still a heck of a lot of stuff that needs to be shed, but it's surprisingly liberating to let this stuff go, and, by doing it now when I am comparatively young and in good health, I have the pleasure of knowing where things go.

    By the end of tomorrow, several large items will have left the building en route to new homes overseas via a Baptist charity, and over the coming weeks I am fairly sure that CDs, DVDs, books and other stuff will set off on new adventures.

    Many years ago, I recall chatting to some overseas mission workers who said that they learned to hold possessions very lightly - it wasn't that they didn't want or enjoy having 'stuff', they simply recognised it as what it was, enabled to enjoy it and let it go.  If I can reach that level of 'lightly holding' things, I'll be happy.... and, as the saying goes, there're no pockets in shrouds!!

  • Still a NED! :-)

    Many people have loyally read this blog over many years, and have continued to be supportive and encouraging as I've moved on after breast cancer.  Today was my annual check up and, subject to the results of the mammogram, I am still a NED.

    I think I have the best breast team in the world, not least because after these years we can share some good banter as well as discuss serious stuff.  Kind of nice when your consultant walks in and says 'Hello Trouble' and refers to the BCN as 'a Monster' all the time with a smile on his face.  And equally nice when you can ask questions and express concerns (should they arise) knowing you'll be taken seriously and taken good care of.

    The NHS, in its various guises, and despite the things that are not good or not fair or less than ideal, is a truly wonderful thing, and I am very blessed to be a recipient of it.

  • Good Evening!

    Not a greeting, a statement of fact.

    This evening the planning group for our up coming Church Away Day met, pretty much with a blank sheet of paper, and in 90 minutes, during which time we also shared a meal, we had come up with something that I think is exciting.  Lots to sort out and lots of 'maybes' but I know with this great Team on the case, it'll be really good.

    Can't give you any details here, yet, except to say that my celery soup tasted OK and the cheese scones went down a treat!!