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  • A Little Liturgical Levity

    This time last week, I was busily creating a visual aid to illustrate the liturgical year for a seminar I was leading on Sunday.  This morning someone shared this photo with me, which made me chuckle.  A liturgical colander.

    A the end of another week in which there has been tragedy and sadness aplenty, it's good to have something that brings a little levity, not to deny the reality but to bring a little light relief and to strengthen our resolve within it.

  • Lazarus Redivivus

    This coming Sunday, I am preaching/reflecting on Lazarus.  it's a story that I have preached upon a fair few times before, and have, at various points reflected on in some depth.  It was quite tempting simply to re-use some of my past work - especially a reflection that I wrote around eight years ago and shared on this blog.  In the end, I felt that wasn't the right thing to do - not because re-using is wrong, but because I wasn't sure if they went where I wanted/felt led to go.

    Anyway, I thought I'd revive them here by links to a couple of past blog posts:

    The reflection from the prespective of Lazarus in March 2009

    A poem I came across in April 2014

  • Families

    Found this picture today when doing some research for Sunday.  Like it very much. Cannot cover every eventuality, but I don't think that's its aim.

    We don't mark 'Mother's Day' or 'Mothering Sunday' in any significant way in our church (nor did we in my last) but we do try at least to acknowledge the diversity of authentic relationships and families that we are each a part of, as well as the glorious 'messy community' (to pinch a phrase someone else used) we are together.