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  • "Night and Day"

    Starkly different, as expressed in local idiom... that's my response to switching from Drug A to Drug B last week.

    After a month of being a sleepy, lethargic zombie, just five days into the new drug I am transformed!  I seem to have the benefits of not being irritable and grumpy without losing my joy and zest for life.  The new drug has no effect on the flushes or sweats, which are back to full force now, but, so far, I am continuing to sleep quite well.  Indeed, this morning, despite only having had five hours slepp (late night) I woke up ready to go and had to choose to stay in bed a little bit longer in order to rest!

    So far, then, so good...

  • Another Poem to Ponder

    Today's poem is by Welsh poet Gwyneth Lewis, and I love it....



    Two rivers deepening into one;
    less said, more meant; a field of corn
    adjusting to harvest; a battle won

    by yielding; days emptied to their brim;
    an autumn; a wedding; a logarithm;
    self-evidence earned, a coming home

    to something brand new but always known;
    not doing, but being – a single noun;
    now in infinity; a fortune found

    in all that’s disposable; not out there, but in,
    the ceremonials of light in the rain;
    the power of being nothing, but sane.


    from 'The Word in the Wildnerness' Malcolm Guite pub Canterbury p. 55

  • Lovely Day in Prospect

    Back in 2011, I met a young woman in her early 30s who had just completed her treatment for breast cancer.  Shy, diffident and very private; wise, funny, kind and generous, she was one of the first real world friends I made in this rather odd 'club'.  At the time, the 'baby' of our gang, we watched with baited breath as she began dating, offering the odd word of encouragement and some 'aunty' presence in the background.  Today I am really privileged and thrilled to be getting ready to go to her wedding along with the others who shared those early days.  Our 'baby' has found her life partner, is well and happy - what more could we wish for?

    This year I will be at in six weddings (two I'm conducting, four as a guest), each with its own unique backstory... I am a very fortunate woman.