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  • Happy Kitties - and Happy Catriona

    One thing the kitties definitely like about the tidy office is having their 'bunk beds' back in operation.

    This afternoon I was able to sit down and concentrate on the book project I'm involved with without having to balance my laptop on top of books and papers.

    I also managed to find someone who can re-home all the craft stuff, which means I now have a clear kitchen table too!

    All in all, then, it's been a very good weekend.

  • A Good Day's Work....

    Today has been devoted to one task, and one task only - decluttering my office.  Following the recent cull of around 500 books (some still waiting to go to the charity shop) today it was the window cill, the cupboards and the desk.  Eleven and a half hours later, seven black sacks full of rubbish, and two IKEA bags of stuff to the charity shop later, and it's almost there.  Still need to deep clean the carpet and clean the windows, and my kitchen table is buried under craft stuff waiting for a new home.  But overall a good day.  And the kitties are certainly happy now all their favourite sleeping surfaces are clear!

  • Summer Reading...

    Sometimes what you need is a little bit of feel-good stuff, and this is just that!

    I also have Michelle Obama's "Becoming" as an audio book, and am looking forward to listening on some up coming train rides.

  • Whose truth is it anyway?

    This coming Sunday we will be "praying the week's news", so I am buying a couple of newspapers each day... and have set myself the challenge that each day one may be one I'd naturally choose, and one must not. 

    It's an interesting question to ask myself, 'why would/wouldn't I buy this newspaper normally', and has nothing whatsoever to do with the direction I have in mind for the service (though who knows!).

    A former work colleague's daughter, a bright, intelligent young woman, works for a 'red top' newspaper I'd never consider buying, and this, I think illustrates the conundrum.  Generally speaking, whatever their political slant, whatever their target readership, news media employ intelligent, well-educated people to write their copy.

    Today I bought two newspapers, both aimed at a thoughtful readership.  One claims, and seeks, to be polticially neutral, if by political we mean party allegiance.  The other overtly takes a political stance on a single issue, and uses that lense to view the world.  It's not that one is 'right' and one 'wrong' they have different aims.  It's not the case that I agree or disagree with either viewpoint on any, or every, topic.

    Way back when, we were actively encouraged to read theologians we would (or expected to) disagree with, alllowing oursleves to come under their thrall, to see the arguments as they saw them, and only then to form an opinion.  It was wise advice then, and it's wise advice now.  It also applies to newspapers and beyond.

    So, this Sunday the array of newspapers will be "interesting" and may cause a few comments.  But I think that's OK, because Jesus wasn't beyond a bit of controversy...


  • Chilling...

    This photo of Sophie flat out on her back, enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine today, fills me with joy.

    Today's "day off" included deep cleaning my en suite shower room (!), a few Duo Lingo French lessons, some thrilling netball (go Roses!) and now some relaxing.  The mix of activities has been good, and it's been a 'good day.'

    Looking forward to my week now, having chilled, worked and played.