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Sophia and Martha

This morning I have, at the third attempt, completed a sermon for Friday, based on my WISDOM, Wisdom, wisdom scheme, and hints from the three characters in the stories.

It was as I pondered Martha that Sophia gave me a shove, in that gentle but firm way she does, with a half smile on her face because of course you really already know what she's going to say, and you know that she's right...

"Martha, Martha, you are upset and worried by many things..."

Yup, that's me!  Tired, anxious about this little church, annoyed with situations, trying not to be annoyed with people...

Until today, cos I'm very slow on the uptake, it had never occurred to me that there is no record of Martha speaking to Mary about her lack of help.  So did she speak to her?  Once?  Several times?  Did she resort to speaking to Jesus as a final attempt because direct attempts had failed?  Or had she, as I would, soldiered on and muttered to herself?!

What - or who - prompted her to speak to Jesus about it?  Did she recognises authority?  Compassion?  Justice?  What was Sophia whispering in Martha's ear?

Do I, do we, like Martha 'take it to the Lord,' or do we struggle on, until we break or blow?

"Catriona, Catriona, you are upset and worried by many things... and you are right to be concerned, but put down your duster [metaphorical, I rarely dust!] and sit with me a while... these things won't go away overnight, if at all, but I need you whole, not full of holes.  Be still.... stop what you are doing... and allow the I AM God to hold you safe in the storm."


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