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My good friend Julie is getting 'handshaked' at Baptist Assembly next week and so far as we know is the first person in the line up (yeay!  Though we'll miss Geoff leading off with Central :-( )  The disadvantage of her being first is that we will only just have been told we aren't allowed to cheer (and yes, we do understand the logic) so to do so would be to risk the ire of Uncle Paul - not a good idea.

So, in a moment of subversion and copying the silent monks Hallelujah chorus I have a designed a silent cheer which will find the middle course.  Simply print it off, roll up and hide under your jumper until the relevant moment then wave it silently and defiantly.  An alternative is to cheer in BSL - I'm not exactly sure how this is done, but applause involves 'jazz hands': raise your hands to shoulder height (or higher) and wiggle your fingers.

We all know that by the time it reaches LBA there will be klaxons, rattles and wonderul elderly black women in big hats shouting 'hallelujah' at the top of their voices. But we who are near the start will have to settle for silent subverison - or even behave ourselves in case the stewards have been tipped off!


  • I suggest a Mexican wave!

    I've just watched that silent monks Hallelujah chorus - absolutely fantastic! I have tears rolling down my face as I write.

  • In Prism, of course, there'll be whooping and hollaring and goodie bags and even the chance to touch the NAMs at this crucial stage in their development (which might scar them for life!)

  • vraiment cool ton blog !

  • It's a good job this isn't a party conference, or you'd be arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act for doing anything that wasn't in the script!

    Can I suggest you use the variant spelling 'hooray' lest anyone should misread your subversive message and think you were trying to speed things up!

    Congratulations to Julie. Set the standard!

  • Great, I now know 2 people getting a handshake. Better take a bigger bag for all the cheers. Maybe we can get one of those huge flag things they have at football matches that cover several hundred people or start a silent Mexican wave.

    Power to the people.

  • Hi Catriona! While I couldn't possibly comment about cheering, I am, after all, leading off with three ministers from the CBA. I guess that we'll be the warm up routine, and that by the time we get to EMBA, people will be able to hold back no longer! See you there!

  • That's great news Geoff - all ways around. Shall I offer some silent cheers for your folk too?!

  • Phew- off the hook - I won't be first up - thanks Geoff

  • be entertained

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