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  • Busy, Busy, Busy...

    Someone asked me a fortnight ago if I was on a staged or phased return to work.  I nearly laughed aloud - ministry doesn't work like that.  I replied that I was back full time but that I was free to determine the shape of that.

    Me and my big mouth!  This week suddenly everything has gone manic.  Good job I like my work and am generally fit and well I guess.

    Not working the kind of hours I once did, but still life is busy, busy, busy.

    And I love it, even the tough bits which give me nightmares!


    Oh yes, and I posted that flippin' thesis today.  Hurrah!  (The gold letters look very impressive)

  • Cupcakes and Coffee

    Well, it was tea actually, but it doesn't make for such a snappy title!

    Today the mysterious 'A' and I met in the real world for the first time.  Alice and her husband are up in Scotland visiting relies and looking at possible houses ahead of their move up here for her to train at SBC with BUGB.

    We met at a place called Cup which is near the Gathering Place and is a great 'treat' place as they sell a vast range of cupcakes (though the gingerbread one which I really want to try seems always to be 'off').

    It was good to hear something of her story, good to find another female engineer (and in her case pilot) who was called to ordained ministry and great that God is bringing more 'girls' this way...

    Alice is also a blogger, but of a different kind - she has a photo blog here which is worth a look see.

    HT to Sue for linking us up after she and Alice met at Baptist Assembly.

  • Tousled!

    I know this is as nothing to anyone else, but when I got up this morning and glanced in the mirror I saw that my hair was tousled.  It is still very short - the longest strands being about an inch and most less than that - but is now long enough to get 'mussed' overnight. 

    I never thought the day would come when I'd be pleased to wake up with tousled hair!!!