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Seek and Ye Shall Find

On Sunday I mislaid/lost one of my mobile phones.  That sounds uber posey, to have two phones that is, not to lose/mislay one.  As it happens both are very inexpensive pay-as-you-go, one of which I keep for church use and one of which is for family/friends.  It was the latter I could not find.  I had been using it at the start of the service on Sunday to discretely keep a check on the time ahead of the 2 minute silence, so it was in 'silent' mode; phoning it to find out where it was wouldn't help!   After I got home from church I realised I did not have it, and have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time searching for it in church, at home and in my car.  I even asked in the coffee shop in case it had been handed in there.

So, this morining I came to church thinking I'd have one last look before giving it up as lost.  The most likely place for it to be was on my desk (which I'd already searched twice) so I decided there was nothing for it but to remove everything from the desk (it's VERY cluttered) to see if it was, afterall, hidden there.  The first thing I picked up was a box of tissues... which felt unusally heavy... and lo, hidden in the folds of paper was one mobile phone.

Thinking back, I would have carried the box of tissue back to the vestry along with the phone, my Bible and a whole heap of other stuff.  Clearly the phone had slipped into the box an dout of my consciousness.

Anyway, y'know that story about the women who lost the coin ... I kind of know how she felt.  If you're passing and want a celebratory coffee do drop in!  I managed to avoid slipping into 'Our Lady of the Parking Place' type prayers before I found it, but I sure as anything said a big thank you one afterwards.

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