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The Olympian I Taught in Sunday School!

Today's Baptist Times news sweep has a link to this story which comes from my 'sending church' (the church where I was a member at the time I/we discerned my call to ordained ministry).  I can recall teaching Johnny in Sunday School (when he was a somewhat disinterested teen it has to be said!) and I am really pleased that his Olyumpic dream has found its fulfilment.

For us as a church the Olympics is definitely pan-national, reflecting our polyglot congregation (which we recently discovered was roughly 50/50 Scots and Nots).  After all the whinging and whining and self-criticism (what other nation would be running itslef down during the final weeks leading up to the Olympics?) I hope that we can now just enjoy some top quality sport, make some memories and celebrate so much that is good about humanity and, yes, about these islands we call home.

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